I was explaining the concept of Google+ to my 14-year-old daughter. At least, I was attempting to. Every feature as I expressed it was met with something like, "So? You can do that on Facebook, too." Or "Facebook allows that." And "That's not new. Facebook has something similar."

Did I mention she's a hardcore Facebook user? Who doesn't see the value in yet another social network? Who doesn't get the point of why she should care? In terms of her skepticism, she was worse than the most hard-shelled CEO.

Google+ is the new kid on the block, of course. What's the skinny for marketers? We offered some thoughts on that here.

Also, check out this video. It tells the the story of Google+ cleanly and simply, and I think sums it up nicely for anyone ... be they 14 or 40. To put this video in some context, here are Google+ usage numbers from Experian Hitwise, for the week ending July 23:

  • Google+ received more than 1.79M total visits the week ending July 23, 2011---a decrease of 3% vs. the previous week (July 16). The site received 1.86M total visits the previous week.

  • The average time spent on the site was down as well by 10% from 5 minutes and 50 seconds to 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

  • Among the top 50 Upstream sites, 59% of Upstream traffic to Google+ last week came from other Google properties. Google.com accounted for 37% of Upstream traffic to the site. Gmail accounted 15.59%, a 9% increase from previous week.

  • 40% of Upstream traffic to Google+ last week came from Search Engines (8% increase). Email provided the 2nd largest amount of Upstream traffic accounting for 19%.

  • 59% of visits to Google+ are from males, that is a 4% increase from previous week (4 weeks ending July 23).

  • Among age demos, 33% of visits are from users age 25 to 34.

Brands aren't actually allowed on Google+ yet, but some (like Ford Motor Company) are already anticipating it. So---shiny new toy or significant new social network? Or both? You decide:

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