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I'm a big fan of Ruth Steven's writing, so I eagerly awaited the arrival of her new book, Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers. I wasn't disappointed. The writing style is engaging, almost conversational, yet conveys a wealth of useable information.

What the reader can expect to learn:

  • A step-by-step overview of lead generation, management and tracking process, soup to nuts.

  • The top media options for inquiry generation campaigns, plus how to develop compelling offers guaranteed to motivate response.

  • How to develop a nurturing plan to quadruple your campaign lead productivity results.

  • The latest tools that are transforming lead generation, from social media to marketing automation.

  • 10 ways that lead generation is going to evolve in the future.

Stevens starts with the simple concept that lead generation is about motivating prospects to raise their hand. From there, she takes the reader through the process of lead generation. She explains the science behind lead generation and outlines clear steps that any marketer can follow.

After making the case for lead generation, Stevens masterfully delineates how to plan the campaign. Her advice to remove your marketing hat and get into the head of your prospects to understand their buying process segues nicely into the reason why you should develop an acceptable cost per lead.

From here, Stevens deftly takes the reader into the case for the marketing database. She explains why the database is especially critical in a B2B environment. She details the differences between list types, sources and the optimal use of each.

Stevens makes an excellent case for the need to test a lead-generation campaign to increase its effectiveness. She also showcases content marketing and how it can and should be used in this process. Once she demonstrates the necessity to plan a lead-generation campaign, Stevens provides information on the tools a marketer needs in his or her arsenal of tools in order to achieve success.

The targeted case studies add to the narrative, yet I wasn't overwhelmed with extraneous filler information. In much the same vein, the charts and lists provide meaningful data in support of the material. The samples of what made a specific campaign work are both interesting and informative.

Recognizing the changed marketing landscape with the Internet and social media, Stevens explains how to use content as a valuable source of advice to entice potential customers to raise their hand. She demystifies the landing page and promotes the use of several to extend your reach and attract a broader range of leads. She then explains how to measure the potential of the lead and provides clear steps on nurturing the lead throughout the buying process. She goes so far as to offer three easy steps for lead qualification success.

This was a fun, yet informative read where I think the fresh graduate and marketing guru will each walk away with something new.

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