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Throughout our marketing careers, we're given a great deal of advice along the way, such as: "Set objectives and measure them," "Keep it simple, stupid..." and "Focus on benefits, not features." But have you ever gotten that one piece of advice that has stuck with you and really impacted your marketing results (and career)?

Here’s how some of our Facebook and LinkedIn friends answered the question, “What’s the best marketing advice you ever received?”

“If it ain’t being measured, it ain't being managed." (Kate Shopper)

“The customer can’t articulate his problem---that’s what you have to do it for him.” (Pamit D. Anand)

"Don't tell the customer where to go---tell them why they need to be there." (Teri Fisher)

"Your opinion doesn't matter... Only your customer's does." (LuAnne Kay)

"Think creatively. Act strategically." (Tricia Hrotko)

"Don't assume anything!" (Stephanie Weagle)

"Marketing is not looking in the mirror." (Mark van de Sande)

"Don't always trust your gut ... Test everything." (Bob Hebeisen)

"Do not discount. Discounting for the most part kills your brand and your happiness level. You fee like you're working thrice as hard for the same amount of money. And guess what? You are!" (Sean D'Souza)

And last but not least …

"Start by defining your target audience very precisely---the narrower and more specific the better. Then learn what makes them tick, how they think, what they value, attitudes, habits, practices, needs, current experiences, emotional connections, even the words they use when they discuss your category and their unmet needs. THEN develop your strategy. It's too easy to take the shortcut and go right to strategy (or even implementation!) based on what YOU think and what YOU want. That's a quick way to get in trouble. Better to assume nothing and ask the target audience for input first. And THEN test everything." (Michael A. Goodman)

Your turn: What's the best marketing advice you ever received?

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