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It's the National Day on Writing. (Yep. It's official and everything!) So, wave your mouse, pencil, pen, Sharpie, or iPod writing app in the air, and let's celebrate the craft of writing.

Why should marketers care about writing? Isn't your product or service the main focus? No, it isn't. (It never was.) Marketing is about being really excited about what you produce or offer, creating enthusiasm in your target audience, and building mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. And all that takes good communication.

So, in honor of the National Day of Writing, here are some recent posts that celebrate writing clearly:

Writing Is Everywhere

And on this National Day on Writing, also remember that writing isn't just the words on the screen (or paper). It's also the fuel for your presentations, calls to action, web videos, advertisements, etc. The words in those formats matter just as much as if they were written in cuneiform or hieroglyphics. Words matter.

So, think of the power of words beyond the traditional. And please do stay away from those blasted buzzwords, if possible:

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