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August 27 is Just Because Day. That means you've got one week to think of doing something just for the heck of it. When's the last time that happened?

Just Because Day can be a great excuse for breaking out of the normal way you do things and approaching it differently... or for trying something completely new. (You don't really need an excuse to do this, but steadfast routine-lovers might like the "Oh, it's a holiday" reason that's built into August 27.)

On August 27, give yourself permission to do something for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Instead of always considering the purpose of what you are creating, consider "just because" as your purpose. You don't need to go crazy on this day (we're not advocating packing up everything you own and moving to New Zealand to find the Shire from The Hobbit film). But maybe you've been needing a reason (like, say, a holiday) to try something new.

Recently, I heard a TED talk by Korean author Young-ha Kim that explored what happens to little artists when most of them face adversity (in the form of adults and adulthood). His delightful, inspiring, and humorous TED talk focuses on the spirit of play and creativity in children and how, as adults, we are hounded by the question of the purpose of our play.

Young-ha Kim says, "Kids usually do art for fun. It's playing. They don't draw to sell the work to a client or play the piano to earn money for the family ... But unfortunately, at some point, our art, such a joyful pastime, ends ..." He says the question that stifles creativity is "what for."

We are asked (and ask ourselves) why we do things, and our answer is rarely a child's answer. Just because.

On August 27, however, let's stretch out and do something fun, creative, or interesting just because. Have you avoided Vine because you want your video to be perfect? Make a Vine video anyway. Did you mean to write a blog post about the last conference but didn't do it because your writing skills are iffy? Try writing one anyway. Did you not attend a special event because you weren't sure of the ROI of going? If you want to go, attend it anyway.

In stepping off the regular path you always follow, you may find yourself enjoying the newness of the experience for a short while ... or you may find yourself on the path to a brand-new experience.

May Young-ha Kim's talk inspire you for Just Because Day!

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