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Some marketers seem to have an uncanny ability to predict the future. That includes the speakers at next month's MarketingProfs' B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, the theme of which is "Marketing for What Comes Next."

Thirty-one of the B2B Marketing Forum speakers sat down with our friend and #mpb2b speaker Lee Odden to share where they think marketing is heading.

The B2B marketing futurists are...

Joel Book

Michael Brenner

Heidi Cohen

Frank Days

Gini Dietrich

Susan Emerick

Laura Fitton

Steve Garfield

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

Jim Greenway

Tim Hayden

AJ Huisman

Doug Kessler

Larry Kim

Seth Lieberman

Jennifer Sable Lopez

Amanda Maksymiw

Brian Massey

Loren McDonald

Jason Miller

Jon Miller

Lee Odden

Christopher Penn

Jeannine Rossignol

Shane Snow

Justin Steinman

Cindy Valladares

Viveka von Rosen

Tom Webster

Andy Zimmerman

And me!

Their predictions range from realistic to ridiculous, and some sound like they're right out of a sci-fi novel. (But remember when touchscreen tablets were science fiction?)

Here are some highlights from the e-book:

  • Laura Fitton predicts the end of "Franken tools" and awkward manual number-crunching; as a result, we will spend less time measuring results and more time getting results.
  • Tom Webster anticipates B2B marketers will know as much about customers as B2C marketers know about theirs (and that robots will be doing his job).
  • Christopher Penn predicts that we may be only a decade away from "a neural interface to marketing platforms." If you think it, it will come.
  • Gini Dietrich expects travel time to be minimized as we gain the ability to beam up—just like Scotty—rather than waste time on the road traveling.
  • Heidi Cohen foresees a complete economic collapse that will lead to all marketing becoming B2B marketing!

Those five marketers and 26 others offer their insights about where B2B marketing is heading; they'll give you a sense of what kind of discussions you can expect if you're attending the B2B Marketing Forum in October.

Check out all the predictions:

The Future of B2B Marketing
from MarketingProfs

I hope to see you in person in Boston, October 8-10.

Can't make it in person? You can still get access to great sessions from many of these speakers on-demand. Register here for on-demand.

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