Below we present a listing of the top MarketingProfs opinion pieces and thought-leadership articles of 2015 (as opposed to articles dispensing practical, tactical how-to advice and tips).

"Top" means, in this case, popular; and "popular" means most read by subscribers of our newsletter, MarketingProfs Today.

In other words, articles not listed here may have had more pageviews, but we've not included them because those views were likely the result of the search engine gods' having placed them at or near the top of search results pages... or the social media fates' having conspired to distribute them far and wide on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+.

But, because we value your time and want to provide truly useful and informative information, we've narrowed the list to only those that you and your colleagues considered most worthy of your attention in 2015.

And so, here we go...

10. Make Your Customers Feel Like You Know Them (Without Being Creepy)
by Kelly McGuire

Online customers come to you through different paths for myriad reasons. The clues they leave behind can help you get to know them and improve their experience, build their loyalty and repeat business, and boost revenue.

9. Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn't Attracting Millennials (for Good Reasons)
by Rachel Burger

Are you making these four mistakes when emailing Millennials?

8. Five Brands That Successfully Tapped Into the Power of Bloggers Outside Their Industry
by Lauren Jung

Venturing outside your normal space can open up your product and services to a previously untapped market. Take a look at five companies that successfully reached beyond their industries.

7. Why Simplicity May Be the Secret to Brand Success
by Margaret Molloy

The success of a new breed of emerging brands can be attributed to doing business in the simplest way possible. Here's why simplicity rules.

6. Five Email Marketing Practices That Need to Die
by Neil Berman

To capture subscribers' attention in their crowded inboxes, marketers need to create compelling content—and avoid these five email marketing fails.

5. The Six Superpowers of Video Storytelling
by Mary Pedersen

Video can tell stories in a way no other type of content can. Here's a look at how videos can help you create a powerful brand story.

4. Why Your Email Marketing Must Adapt to Recent Changes
by Anthony Marnell

Today's email inbox looks significantly different from the AOL inbox of yore. Make sure your email marketing has grown with the times.

3. The 5 D's (Transformational Trends) of Email and Marketing
by Liga Bizune

Today's marketing world is characterized by five "D" forces. Let's explore those forces and how they create new email and marketing trends.

2. Seven Habits of Highly Successful Social Media Professionals
by Avi Levine

What makes some social media professionals more successful than others? Here's a look at the habits that help them effectively build relationships, educate audiences, and drive action online.

1. Five Things That Successful Brand Managers Do
by Michael Baicoianu

Brand managers are a hot commodity in today's crowded business environment. These five behaviors separate successful brand managers from inept ones.

Bonus: Don't Let Your LinkedIn Photo Be an Epic Failure Like These Pics Are
by Tobias Schremmer

Every day, I see photo fails in LinkedIn. These profile pics boggle the mind. Is your LinkedIn profile photo making the same mistakes? 


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