TopRank Marketing just finished work on its first B2B influencer marketing study. In this episode of Marketing Smarts, I talk with TopRank CEO and co-founder Lee Odden about the data, some findings, and what surprises they found.

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Lee's team specializes in helping B2B brands create content that is "optimized for search and influencer-activated."

I invited him to Marketing Smarts to talk about how influencer marketing adds value for B2B brands, how to overcome the most common challenges with using influencers for B2B, and the characteristics that the most successful B2B brands in the space share.

Hint: you should be using software to identify influencers, and interactive content is definitely a plus. But listen in to find out the one thing that makes top B2B brands more successful than the rest! (Click on the media player, above, or download it to listen later.)

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To learn more, visit and check out the B2B influencer marketing study. You can also follow Lee on Twitter at @LeeOdden.

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