I invited videogame company executive Sam Glassenberg to Marketing Smarts to discuss how his company, Level Ex, creates videogames that train medical professionals to diagnose illnesses, perform procedures, and more.  

More than 600,000 healthcare professionals play Level Ex games. Studies have shown that doctors who play these games are more effective on the job, and medical education organizations even offer continuing education credit for those who complete them.
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Before Level Ex, Sam was CEO of the top independent game publisher in Hollywood. His team created award-winning mobile games for tens of millions of players based on popular films, including The Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible. He got his start at LucasArts, working on PlayStation 2 and Xbox games for Star Wars films.

In this episode of Marketing Smarts, Sam and I talk about how videogames are revolutionizing medical training, and also how these same game principles can enhance learning in any area (including marketing and business). 

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To learn more about the work Level Ex is doing, visit LevelEx.com, and be sure to check out Glassenberg.com to learn more about Sam. You can also follow him on Twitter at @samsg.

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