The human brain, and what we can do with it, is amazing. But more amazing is why we do the things we do. Helping marketers unlock that secret is what Nancy Harhut eats, breathes, and sleeps. On this episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast, we get down and dirty trying to figure out why humans do what they do and how marketers can use behavioral science to get results.

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Behavioral science is a fascinating topic for marketers. As it turns out, just about everything we do, from lobbying for a new tool or technology, to presenting data to our boss, to trying to decide where to get takeout, is rooted in behavioral science.

In today's episode, Nancy Harhut joins us to talk about how we can use behavioral science not only to help improve our marketing results but also to help. Period. Just to help.

The reality is, we're so overstimulated that we can't possibly interact with every single stimuli in the environment; if we did, we'd fry our neural pathways. So, we end up coasting along on autopilot much of the time, allowing ourselves to be nudged in one direction or the other. And it's at these nudge points (my term, not Nancy's) that marketers can have the greatest impact.

Nancy explains the automatic compliance trigger that is the word "because."  When "because" is slipped into an explanation, your brain automatically assumes a more positive posture and you're more inclined to do the thing that's being asked. Just because of this one simple word.

We talk about how both framing and labeling make for stronger psychological arguments and put people in better states of mind to live up to those labels. A recent study found that labeling a subset of customers as "best customers" in the marketing communications they receive actually resulted in a noticeable lift in the interactions and spend of that group.

We cover a lot of ground and reference a lot of material, so here are some helpful links to what we discussed:

To hear Nancy's keynote, New Scientific Secrets of Super Persuasive Communicators, check out the MarketingProfs B2B Forum on April 7-8, 2021.

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