During a recent MarketingProfs webinar, Secrets to Enchanting your Customers Through Story, Bobby Lehew gave us 45 minutes of amazing advice on how to be better storytellers.

Listen to it later:

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Unfortunately, we ran out of time during the Q&A, so he offered to join us on the Marketing Smarts podcast to answer the remaining questions and dive into a whole host of other topics.

We kick off today's episode with a discussion on work-life balance (and how it's a mistaken idea), and we move on to talk about harmony and dissonance, about how much richer our stories need to become, and why and how our perspectives need to shift, and how to translate all of that into the marketing stories we're telling.

Bobby shares how he initially tried to separate his personal interests in reading, storytelling, and Native American oral traditions from his professional life in sales and marketing, but soon realized that there was a natural conjunction between those areas. He realized that he—that WE, as marketers—struggled to tell a compelling story and that only by allowing the personal and professional to bleed into one another do we truly have the ability to tell a remarkable story.

Unsurprisingly, he also came to the realization that a profound sense of empathy is necessary to be a good storyteller.

Going through the last year of Covid-19, most of us have developed a stronger sense of empathy, allowing us to tap into the emotion of story. So that we inspire. So that we create something that resonates. When we can truly do that, it makes our jobs much easier and more rewarding. 

Storytelling, we've learned, is all about perspective. We spend some time on this episode discussing the stories that nonprofits are telling, the perspectives they use, and how powerful these stories often are.

Nonprofits have been doing storytelling well for a long time because they figured out that what they're doing is not raising funds (because raising funds isn't an emotional journey that people can get behind); instead, they're telling the stories and sharing the experiences of those they raise funds for. Those are the journeys that tug at the heartstrings, that people can get behind and rally around.

We also talk about books in this episode. A lot of books. We even talk about why you shouldn't be afraid to quit on bad books ("Be a quitter like me," says Bobby). Here's a list of most of the books we discussed:

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to check out Bobby's most recent webinar, Secrets to Enchanting Your Customers Through Story.

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