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  • Email is ever-changing, but it is also here to stay as a marketer's top tool. Join us at our Email Marketing Friday Forum where three industry experts will share their deep knowledge and tactical tips to make your email marketing more effective. Sponsored by Validity.

  • Learn 12 powerful email segmentation methods to tailor your campaigns and maximize engagement and conversions. Read more.

  • Email continues to do so much of the heavy lifting for marketers, creating and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships. And, without exception, every successful email program is built on a foundation of a solid email list.

  • Explore the impact of generative AI on B2B email marketing—from saving time to enhancing personalization. Read more to boost your campaigns.

  • Email expert Matt Treacey, known for his unique approach that combines scientific principles with marketing savvy, shares his perspective on crafting winning B2B email strategies.

  • Which fonts should you consider and which should you avoid for your email campaigns? This infographic looks at the good (clear and Web-friendly), bad (for decoration only), and ugly (avoid at all cost).

  • Explore the untapped potential of your B2B email marketing. Use these insights to improve customer engagement with your emails and help build enduring loyal relationships. Read more.

  • B2B marketing wouldn't be complete without an email or two (or two hundred!). Join us for our Email Marketing Friday Forum, when three industry experts will share their tips and tricks for turning up the star factor on everyday emails to amp up engagement, increase opens and clicks, and drive conversion. Sponsored by Validity.

  • Host George B. Thomas is joined by bestselling author Matt Treacey, who shares his likening of a healthy email marketing program to a flourishing ecosystem. Learn about the stages of awareness, the stages of succession, the high risks of spam, and more.

  • A multilingual email marketing strategy doesn't stop at the translation of text. Localization is also essential. This article breaks down what you need to consider.

  • The launch of Apple's mail privacy protection two years ago immediately led to cries of "Email opens are dead!" But much like the cries of "Email is dead," they should be ignored. Learn how open rate can still be useful.

  • As a PR pro, you can't rely on someone else to source genuine media contacts for you. Keeping a healthy PR email list is your responsibility. Here's how to do that.

  • Is email dead? Hardly. Its role is simply changing. This article explores the potential of that role, from email intelligence to data security.

  • Cold emails often get a bad rap for being intrusive, generic, and spammy. Can ChatGPT help? You bet it can.

  • Are enterprise marketers using artificial intelligence to help with their email campaigns? If so, what are the most common uses and challenges? To find out, RPE Origin and Ascend2 surveyed 110 marketers who work for organizations with 500+ employees.

  • How often do people check their email? Why do they look at their inboxes? Which devices do they use? To find out, ZeroBounce conducted a global survey of 657 adults.

  • Email segmentation is a tried-and-true tactic for maximizing email engagement. But how can segmentation help senders get more emails into the inbox? This article offers some ideas.

  • Not every email gets opened, read, and clicked. What's the secret to great response? While that depends on your audience, there are tried-and-true tactics you can use to meet your goals. Join Jay Schwedelson and your email lovin' peers to discuss what works—and what doesn't—when crafting effective emails.

  • The episode features Michael Barber, an email marketing maven who has worked with brands like Johnson and Johnson and The topic of the show? Tips, tricks, and hacks for B2B email marketing success.

  • As an email marketer, you must maintain good list hygiene. One way to do that is by creating an email suppression list. Here's how.