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  • Are you creating content based on what you think your audience is interested in? Or is your content calendar guided by their actual questions, concerns, wants, and needs? Discover how to make content that speaks to your customers in a big way to close bigger deals in less time.

  • Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature appears to have had a noticeable impact on email engagement metrics following its introduction last year, according to recent research from Campaign Monitor.

  • You might think your website gives a peak user experience. But have you considered all your potential customers? Accessibility solutions can open the door for people who might otherwise be unable to fully use your site—and it's good for business, too.

  • It's impossible to connect with a crowd of faceless nobodies. You have to know whom you're marketing to if you want your marketing to be effective. Audience analysis can help. Here's how to get started.

  • This infographic explores four ways to maintain happiness and creativity: being mindful, setting boundaries, getting enough rest, and celebrating wins.

  • Ongoing growth and success depend on enabling marketing and sales teams to align and work in tandem. Discover current strategies from three experts on how to help Marketing and Sales to shift into overdrive together to accelerate revenue growth. Sponsored by Allego.

  • How can your social media marketing stay current as the platforms continue to evolve and consumer use of social networks diversifies? Tune in to this webinar to discover what you need to know to create and maintain a social media marketing strategy that's relevant in 2022. Sponsored by Tinuiti.

  • The road from prospect to paying customer is filled with twists and turns. What if your content is great at answering questions... but those answers aren't what your customers are looking for or need? In Session 4 of the B2B Content as CX Working Webinar series, you'll identify how to use feedback to improve the customer's journey to strengthen your funnel... and your relationships. Register now to work with Jeannie Walters, Certified Customer Experience Professional, and discover how to improve your content over time using customer feedback.

  • Ever listened to a podcast and thought, Oh my god, I can do better? You probably can, and the popularity of the format has made it easier than ever to get started.

  • This infographic looks at seven perks of Marketing and Sales alignment, including how it drives better marketing strategies and faster growth.

  • Configuring Google Analytics 4

    Master Class Lesson

    You'll learn why views are gone, the kinds of data streams needed (such as web and mobile apps), and the overall configuration of Google Analytics 4, including what settings are critical.

  • You'll learn how to generate segment overlap analyses, user explorations, and lifetime value analyses, as well as build custom freeform analyses.

  • You'll learn the three whats—what happened, so what, now what—as a framework for making decisions about your data and identifying when your data may not be sufficient for decision making.

  • Google Tag Manager is the best, preferred way to set up Google Analytics 4 tracking and configuration. You'll learn how to set up variables, triggers, and the relevant tags for GA4—and how they're different from the way you've done them in the past.

  • Google has created a new product and eventually, we'll all have to use it. Plus, all new development and all new features are only being introduced in Google Analytics 4, so now is the time to get ready.

  • A conversion in Google Analytics 4 isn't hugely different from a goal in Google Analytics 3, but there are some differences. Learn how to set effective goals that serve multiple purposes and don't clutter up your reporting.

  • Discover how to use Google Analytics 4 to improve your B2B marketing results. In this Master Class, data scientist and marketing whiz Christopher S. Penn walks you through GA4, from setup to data analysis. Chris shows you how the powerful AI-backed tools in GA4 can transform your understanding of your customers.

  • You'll look at the different basic reports provided in Google Analytics 4, including acquisition, engagement, monetization, retention, user demographics, and attribution.

  • You'll learn the basics of how to use Google Analytics 4's powerful new business intelligence engine, the Explorations Hub, to generate funnel, path, and cohort analyses of your data.

  • You'll learn how to generate reports in Google Data Studio that leverage insights from your work in the Exploration Hub, translating those into user-friendly reports for business users.