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  • Social media marketing is the most in-demand skill for marketers on LinkedIn, according to recent research from the professional social network.

  • Looking for but struggling to find top digital marketing talent? Worried hiring the wrong people will cost you? (It will.) Learn how specialized recruitment agencies can help you find the right candidates. Read more.

  • The average tenure of chief marketing officers at large corporations has stabilized and is now in line with other C-suite executives, according to recent research from Spencer Stuart.

  • Nvidia, 3M, and Fidelity Investments are the high-profile companies with the best reputations among consumers in the United States, according to the 2024 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings.

  • Explore the impact of Google's AI Overview on SEO and more broadly on marketing and advertising. Learn more.

  • Learn why blending AI's speed with human creativity in copywriting results in compelling content and better engagement. Enhance your marketing.

  • Discover how AI is changing sales enablement and RevOps, boosting productivity and revenue in a volatile economy. Learn more.

  • Which feelings and emotions do different colors in logos elicit? To find out, researchers surveyed 285 professional graphic designers.

  • Effectively targeting your B2B market requires a deep understanding of your audience, so your marketing resonates with their needs. Jason Hunt uncovers the steps to using AI to gather market insights, create impactful content strategies, and build lead magnets that drive results.

  • Discover how the Start/Stop/Keep technique can transform your customer engagement strategy. Embrace feedback, act on it swiftly and effectively. Read more.

  • What prevents companies from fostering a better corporate culture? To find out, researchers conducted a survey in March 2024 among 440 professionals in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • The first-ever Magic Quadrant for customer data platforms by Gartner signifies a milestone in the maturation and essentiality of CDPs within the martech ecosystem. In a data-centric, customer-first marketplace, CDPs have become a strategic imperative.

  • B2B marketers in the US expect to increasingly focus their budgets on tech, data, and events in the coming years, according to recent research.

  • Which emojis confuse people most? To find out, researchers surveyed 2,201 people in the United States.

  • Hot take: All that content you’ve been creating? It’s not thought leadership. Or at least most of it isn’t, especially if you leave the writing to AI.

  • Learn how to present these four essential KPIs to your board, ensuring your data tells a compelling story. Find out now.

  • Why do so many brands post content on social media that taps into nostalgia? This infographic explores this trend and looks at how you can go old school with the pieces you post.

  • Brand awareness brings in your prospects. But if you want AI's help at the top of your funnel, you'll need more than a simple AI prompt. Andy Crestodina reveals the detailed AI prompts and frameworks you can use to widen your funnel, improve your message-to-market match, and increase conversions.

  • Senior customer engagement specialists say the biggest benefit for marketers of collecting customer behavior signal data is improved performance marketing, according to recent research.

  • Explore the impact of generative AI on B2B email marketing—from saving time to enhancing personalization. Read more to boost your campaigns.