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  • Personalization is a powerful marketing tool, but with great power comes great responsibility. Misusing personalization can diminish consumers' trust in a brand. Here's how to be transparent and effective.

  • Your customers drive your business, so consider their habits when you're setting up your e-commerce site.

  • Creating a loyalty program is just a first step to customer engagement—you also must promote and maintain the program to keep customers excited and engaged. Here are some simple ideas to do that.

  • Marketers have a lot to do these days. The right processes and tools can save you time, improve your marketing, and give you the information you need to be more creative and effective.

  • Discovering what drives your top buyers—and applying that info to prospects—can help you get more stellar customers.

  • Keeping your current customers is much less expensive than finding new ones. Social media offers an accessible and effective platform for retaining customers.

  • All the technology in the world won't give your customers great experiences if your customer service team—the face of your brand—isn't trained and supported properly. Here are three ways to make sure they are.

  • Millennials are most likely to spend an extra $1,000 on paying down or paying off debt, according to recent research from Element Three and SMARI.

  • What can marketers learn from the techniques that Brexit supporters used to convince a majority of the population to vote for what's been called "the stupidest thing any country has done"?

  • Do Millennials really have unique qualities, and do they really present unique challenges to marketers... or are we simply dealing with recurring clich├ęs? Let's dispel three of the most commonly repeated myths about Millennials.