As a Colombian, I've heard stories about Comuna 13 for as long as I can remember. This barrio in the city of Medellin was historically known as one of the country's most dangerous, and local kids were caught up in groups notorious for violence and drug use.

But over the past decade, something amazing has happened in Medellin.

It has been transformed by art. Initially, kids started creating graffiti for fun—as a way to express themselves. Street art has always been a creative outlet in Colombia, but it had been looked down upon and considered illegal.

Something magical started happening, though...

More and more kids started learning about each other, experiencing the power of creative expression. They learned that people don't have to be afraid of you in order to respect you; there are other ways of gaining respect.

And as the youth found optimism through creativity, the entire city of Medellin began transforming. It's still not a luxurious area, but it has blossomed into one of the most vibrant in the country—and so much safer than it was.

The place is now alive and brimming with street art, dancing, hip hop...

The neighborhood has become a place where tourists go to learn about Colombia's rich history through art.

And that's exactly what happened for Todd and Heather Davison, brother-and-sister founders of Demand Frontier, a digital demand agency. They set out on a tour to learn more about this fascinating city through the eyes of locals and with a lens of creativity. Thankfully, it ended up being so much more! This tour changed their lives and the trajectory of their business. Seeing a city transform so dramatically as a result of street art inspired them to open a bustling office there and they've never looked back!

And that's where I come in; I was the first (lucky) employee at Demand Frontier's Medellin office. I'm so proud to know that the city's vivid history catapulted Todd and Heather into growing their business. Plus, we have taken great inspiration from the city's transformation through street art. We incorporate it into every project and it's the main visual backdrop of our firm's brand.

That tour left its indelible mark on Todd and Heather's hearts, and now in our work. In the past five years we have employed more than 100 people, in all areas of digital marketing–creative, content, marketing automation, CRM, data services, social media, account based marketing. We have worked with many of the largest, most sophisticated brands in the world. Medellin is now a booming technology marketplace—you can see it everywhere you look. It has been amazing to see and be a part of.

Who would have thought that street kids from a Colombian barrio would have something to teach a bunch of digital marketers? Unlocking transformation in unique and creative ways is certainly an art form. We are eternally grateful.