Twitter rocks their world, said fully half of the online marketers polled at the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer October 21-22, 2009, in Chicago. But LinkedIn, despite its almost sexy-sounding name, barely got any love at all.

In the informative and entertaining (if completely unscientific) survey, 25 attendees at the Digital Mixer's Oktoberfest Dinner were asked to name their favorite social media tool. Twitter was named by 12 and Facebook by 8. (One respondent claimed both. Another cited the virtues of the telephone, pointing out that it qualified as a social medium.)

A mere two attendees cited LinkedIn—and one of these prefaced his praise for LinkedIn by saying he chose it partly because he was sure everyone else would choose Twitter. (But he had solid reasons for making the choice he did.) 

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Twitter: Key Quotes

"Twitter is logging millions of conversations all over the world every day. [And I can go to] and see what they're talking about."—Ron Ploof

"It's very easy to follow a lot of different people and get a lot of information... [to] see a lot of different people's opinion about things [and] follow trends. It's always cool in an event like this to follow the hash tags and seeing what everyone's doing in a really close situation."—Megan Feltes

"It's become a vital part of my network, it's a way I can serve my clients. It's also my own personal Google, so that If I need something I have a network of friends and folks who want to do good and help each other out."—Leigh Durst

Facebook: Key Quotes

"I'd have to say Facebook, because there are a lot more people on it. The fact that people are engaging with you in a place you can see so easily and also where you can do so much; send them to videos, post images. Hands down, Facebook is my favorite."—Marnie Beltz

"It's got useful apps [and] I can keep track of everybody using the profile feeds, more so than Twitter because it allows links and pictures."—Jay Gleaton

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Twitter: Rocking Marketers' World

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