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Think mobile is only for consumer audiences? Think again, B2B!

Mobile is primed for B2B marketers because business executives are never without their mobile devices—or, as I like to say, "Mobile is B2B's lifeline to their livelihoods." But the question is... how do you win B2B hearts, minds, and market share via mobile? After all, business executives have needs entirely different from those of consumers... and, so, our B2B mobile marketing strategies and programs must be different, too.

Enter the mantra of better, faster, easier.

If you want to engage, delight, and support your busy, highly lucrative B2B target audiences, then better, faster, easier wins the day, every day. And although specific mobile programs and strategies will differ among companies and industries, the B2B critical success factors—your B2B mobile success mantra—will not.

You are focused on making the work activities, tasks, and lives of your important B2B audiences better, faster, and easier. That's because better, faster, and easier will draw your B2B audiences to you and your B2B brands.

In this video (run time: six minutes), I walk you through my B2B mobile success mantra, support each critical success factor with brand examples, and illuminate best-practices to guide you through your mobile journey.

I'm using video to convey these lessons (with more video segments to come, stay tuned!) because it enables me to better "show, not just tell" these core, critical lessons. And video enables you to view these lessons whether via laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

So, the next time your bosses, colleagues, and partners dismiss mobile as merely a consumer medium, you'll know that's not the case. And even more important, you'll know the answer is better, faster, and easier.

View the video:

Editor's note: This is the second in a series of fortnightly videos focusing on mobile marketing strategy and tactics for B2B and B2C audiences. The first video, A Three-Step Framework for Integrating Mobile Into the Marketing Mix, was published on May 15. Watch for the next video on June 12.

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Christina "CK" Kerley is a strategist, speaker, and trainer on innovation through mobile and smart technologies ("The Internet of Things"). Access her e-books and videos.

Twitter: @CKsays