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With more and more sales reps using their mobile devices during sales calls, CSOs and CMOs have been scrambling to find ways to capitalize on the trend.

In fact, more than 90% of sales organizations have started to invest in tablets as sales tools—and over 70% are already seeing positive ROI.

So what impact are tablets really having?

For starters, we've learned that many sales execs have been creating their own sales materials to run on personal devices. But with sales enablement software preloaded on a company-provided tablet, reps can instead focus on what they should be doing: selling.

Thanks to the implementation of tablets...

• Marketing knows what collateral reps use—and can easily replace what's not working.
• Sales ops has immediate access to field sales data for real-time insight.
• Sales execs don't have to keep up with collateral; it's right where they need it.

Furthermore, by enabling sales teams to easily share rich video presentations, record client info during appointments, and execute sales transactions on the spot with on-site quotes, remarkable things are happening. Namely, 23% more firms are meeting their sales quotas and 73% of companies have recorded productivity gains.

Over the next three years, according to Forrester, businesses will spend an estimated $26 billion on tablets and mobile application development. The question is, Will your company be one of them?

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Zach Redler is a senior solutions marketing manager at Mutual Mobile, a provider of mobile sales enablement solutions.

LinkedIn: Zach Redler

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