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"Great! I have all the money and people I need to execute my vision."

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Today's marketers are now responsible for technology, demand generation, branding, communications, PR, AR, content generation, thought leadership, sales enablement, and so much more. It is understood and expected that marketers will track the real impact of their efforts on the pipeline and revenue. Teams are responsible for proving they are driving enormous pipeline numbers into the business—yet they are struggling more than ever.

According to MarketingProfs 2022 State of B2B Marketing Training research, only about 1 in 5 B2B Marketers feels very prepared for their future in marketing. And only 31% feel their team is very effective in their roles. A quarter don't think everyone on their team has a basic understanding of marketing. A third feel burned out. And two-thirds are seeking new job opportunities. Yikes.

MarketingProfs PRO Enterprise training helps your employees break down silos, keep your best and brightest employees, and gain that respect at the executive table.

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With over 50 courses (and growing), a robust schedule of Master Classes and Bootcamps, free access to B2B Forum Online, optional add-on workshops and events and opportunities to not only learn from, but interact with the instructors, MarketingProfs training experience is like no one else on the planet.

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Your dedicated Account Manager will help guide you, communicate what's new for your team, schedule regular calls and provide monthly reporting on your team's progress. And, as your team's needs change, your portal can change with them.

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While MarketingProfs offers free learning, only our PRO community gets access to special, interactive sessions with an always growing community of experts.

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