Below we present a listing of the top MarketingProfs how-to articles of 2015.

"How-to articles" refers to those that provide practical marketing advice and tips—as opposed to, say, opinion or thought-leadership pieces, or infographics, or marketing research summaries, or some other, uncategorizable piece of content.

"Top" means, in this case, popular; and "popular" means most read by subscribers of our newsletter, MarketingProfs Today.

In other words, articles not listed here may have had more pageviews, but we've not included them because those views were likely the result of the search engine gods' having placed them at or near the top of search results pages... or the social media fates' having conspired to distribute them far and wide on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+.

But, because we value your time and want to provide truly useful and informative information, we've narrowed the list to only those that you and your colleagues considered most worthy of your attention in 2015.

And so, here we go...

10. Don't Just Hope Your Emails Get Opened: Four Tips for Click-Worthy Communications
by Emily Konouchi

In a typical inbox, people see only three pieces of information when trying to decide whether to open your email. That's not much. Shrinking attention spans and itchy delete fingers make getting it right crucial.

9. Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop
by Tamas Torok

This article will compare various tools for creating infographics to help you find the right tool for your own infographic marketing needs.

8. Five Rookie Website Mistakes You Can Fix Today
by Andy Crestodina

The planning, design, writing, programming, and testing... a website can take hundreds of hours. The result of all that effort depends on a lot of little things—some of which, when done wrong, can hurt you. Big time.

7. Top Six Email Marketing Trends You Need to Keep Pace With
by Liga Bizune

Email marketing is likely a vital part of you marketing strategy. You'll need to keep up with these email trends if you want your marketing to remain relevant.

6. Three Steps to Writing a Stellar LinkedIn Profile Summary
by William Arruda

If you had to choose one digital branding profile to work on, focus on your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because, in business, it's often the first place people go when they want to check you out.

5. 20 Must-Have Tools for Clever Marketers
by Elizaveta Naumov

As a marketer, you're often wearing many hats and simultaneously managing a variety of responsibilities and tasks. Luckily, there's an app or service for almost every marketing activity out there.

4. Add These Five Word 'Magnets' to Your Marketing and Sales Vocabulary
by Bob Circosta

Words. They can be powerful, passionate, and—if used correctly in marketing and sales communications and presentations—extremely profitable.

3. Five Incredibly Specific Tactics for Writing Enchanting Copy
by Sonja Jobson

The Web is chock-full of boring copy. But your website doesn't need to hang out with that crowd. Creating copy that connects with your audience is easier than you think; however, vague advice like "talk benefits" and "use your own voice" won't cut it.

2. Bye-Bye to These 10 Web Design Trends
by Scott Donald

These 10 Web design trends are among the fading. Ditch them if you want to keep with your competition and increasingly demanding audiences.

1. These Six Stupid Marketing Metrics Need to Die
by Larry Kim

It's amazing what some marketers are still measuring. Maybe they don't know any better, or maybe they're just married to legacy metrics that once made sense. But they're probably doing their campaigns more harm than good.

Bonus: Four Online Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter
by Larry Kim

In an earlier article, I wrote about six stupid marketing metrics that need to die. The response was overwhelming. But marketers wanted to know which metrics still matter. These four do.

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