It's exciting to be part of a growing business. But growth can also be stressful, especially for the corporate marketing department. In fact, sometimes growth can cripple your business if you do not have the resources to adequately support it.

Perhaps you are a bank that has made an acquisition and you're now in the process of integrating many new branches into your organization. Or maybe you're a franchiser with dozens of new locations under construction or scores of new franchisees under contract.

With new locations come many more local representatives to support, potentially in new local markets. And then there's the need to localize your marketing so that messages resonate with local customers. So how do you efficiently and successfully deliver engaging localized marketing as your locations multiply?

Try these four tips to help minimize the growing pains as you scale your localized marketing efforts to fit your expanding business.

1. Clearly define your corporate brand standards

Reduce the time spent debating with your distributed organization about what is or is not brand-compliant: Document your brand standards. An approved brand style guide makes communicating your branding standards and requirements a snap.

When developing a brand style guide, keep in mind that it's not just about "what's in it." Although the the do's and don'ts are essential, how you describe the contents—using direct and simple language and clear visual examples—is critical to inspiring your local representatives to embrace and follow your rules and guidelines.

Consider including the following elements in your brand style guide:

  • Description of your brand, including history, vision, and corporate personality
  • Logo specs and usage examples
  • Approved color palette, with exact hex codes for Web use and CMYK values and Pantone colors for printed items
  • Image-use specs, including photography style that reflects your brand
  • Approved fonts and typography, with clear rules on what fonts to use for specific purposes
  • Templates, layouts, and grids for print and digital/online projects
  • Writing style and voice, with details on the audiences for which you are writing
  • Specs for signage and outdoor advertising

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image of Martha France

Martha France is marketing director at marketing resource management provider Vya, where she is responsible for marketing communications strategy including content marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and social media.

LinkedIn: Martha France