Neuromarketing, written by Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin in 2002 and revised some 10 years ago, carries a message that will still come as a surprise to most marketers—in particular those who practice "me too" messaging or use buzzwords like "state-of-the-art," or "empower" or "gamechanger" or "cutting-edge," to name a few.

After reading Neuromarketing, you will never again claim to be "one of the leading providers" of anything, use time-worn buzzwords, or focus on anything except how you solve the pain of the prospects in front of you—because that's all they care about!

The How and Why of Effective Marketing Communication

I recently reviewed the notes I took years ago when I first read "Neuromarketing." I had forgotten the brilliant job the authors had done of explaining the how and why of effective communication.

Neuromarketing substantiates much of what I've been advocating for more than 20 years in my positioning-related consulting, including workshops: Use simple language, make a unique claim that solves a real business problem, and repeat your position over and over to claim it. All of which is why storytelling plays an important role in effective marketing communication.

Most Important Principles of Neuromarketing

This is the second in a two-part article series in which I highlight the most important principles in Neuromarketing, which is now undergoing a third revision. (When the new edition will be available has yet to be determined. "It's OK to mention the new version," co-author Renvoisé told me, "but we don't want to give any date for the release as it usually takes longer than we think to finalize the script!") The good news is that you don't have to wait for the new edition of Neuromarketing to start applying the principles articulated in the current edition of the book.

In the previous article, we examined the six stimuli that get the attention of the decision-making portion of the brain. This article explains specific tactics that improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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