Many social media and social selling experts say volume is the key to success on social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

In an article in Content Marketing Institute's magazine, Jonathan Crossfield compares that scattershot, shotgun method to a realtor's flyer-marketing efforts. He talks about how once a week his mailbox contains at least one real estate flyer that mentions a recently sold house in his area and asks whether he has considered selling his home. Now, Jonathan is renting, so I'm sure his landlord would have something to say about that.

As you can see, that's the wrong message sent to the wrong audience. And the same thing happens when you do not take a rifle approach to focus on targeted audiences on LinkedIn.

A shotgun approach may be better when you have a lower-cost product or solution and you need as many leads and subscribers as possible to get a return on your social media investment.

But when your offering supposes a hefty investment on the part of the buyer, and when you have a complex sales process, then you'd better be sure you're focusing on specific audiences and that you are being relevant. A targeted, account-based marketing approach is key in this case.

Account-based marketing approaches generate higher ROI:

  • Account-based marketing approaches had the highest ROI, according to 97% of marketers in an Alterra Group study.
  • ITSMA reports that 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account-based marketing as delivering the highest returns of any other marketing approach.
  • A LinkedIn study found that social selling professionals who are taking an account-based marketing and selling approach gain 45% more opportunities.

So why aren't we taking an account-based marketing and selling approach on LinkedIn?

Here's how three organizations are taking an account-based approach on driving real revenues.

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image of Kristina Jaramillo

Kristina Jaramillo, founder of LinkedIn ABM, believes that social marketing should deliver more than brand awareness, network expansion, or website traffic. By taking a "non-template" approach to content, her team has helps clients capture targeted wins.