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Just 18 words. Marketing and Sales pros who know this powerful stat, fly; and those who don't, die.

By now you've heard all about the white-hot account-based marketing and account-based selling theories; but, astonishingly, there's been a technological shift that's being ignored, and it's affecting your emails.

The body of each email you send is previewed in mobile devices. People quickly scan that preview and make a snap decision to either delete your email along with the rest of the unwanted multitudes, or take the time to engage with it.

We know that an increasing number of personal and business email readers access their mail accounts on their mobile phones: The stats range from 40% to upwards of 70%, depending on the survey.

We also know most people don't change default settings on their iPhone or Android mobile device, which means we have a pretty good idea of how the email message is being displayed: There's the sender's name, title, and a snippet of the start of the email, right?

That's the punchline. That's where you'll find the value: On average, about 18 words are displayed in that preview screen (a couple fewer in Android devices).

And that preview is the most valuable real estate your email copy occupies. So make it specific to the buyer and the buyer's vertical. Make it meaningful and intriguing. Leave out the formalities and niceties and get to the meat—fast.

To quote the old rock adage: "Don't bore us. Get to the chorus!"

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Michael McCunney is a self-professed marketing geek based in Atlanta. He is director of marketing for SmartBIM, where he is responsible for all marketing strategy and tactics for the company.

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