Most marketing conversations these days revolve around terms such as "omnichannel" and "programmatic," or topics such as the ever-evolving social media channels and the need for brands to produce click-worthy content.

Many more conversations are waving a red flag that we're approaching "Peak Content." Brand-produced content was up 35% in 2015, while consumer engagement with that content was down 17%, according to TrackMaven.

For digital marketers, content is still one of the best ways to engage your customers, but you must rethink it:

  • From: Beautiful stories about your brand
  • To: High-value, behavior-changing content about and for your customers and their aspirations

How to Create Content That Engages: Start With Your Customer's Journey

Engaging content is content that people care about—content that gets their attention, captures their interest, and, in best-case scenarios, brings them back, time and time again.

Engaging content gets shared and goes viral. It causes people to open your emails and to click on the links in them, to read your blog again and again, to click on your Facebook links, to watch your YouTube videos, to like your Instagram posts.

I could write pages and pages about how to develop engaging content strategies and optimize content for engagement. I won't be doing that here.

But I will provide you with five principles that every engaging content strategy I've ever worked on, and have ever even seen, adheres to.

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image of Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is the author of The Transformational Consumer: Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair With Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser. She is the CEO of TCI, a data, insight, and strategy consulting firm  that creates transformational marketing and growth experiences.

LinkedIn: Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Twitter: @taranicholle