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It wasn't always obvious that marketing operations would become such a central part of B2B marketing. When businesses first started adopting the practice, a lot of people thought it was little more than a passing fad.

But now it's clear as day: Marketing operations is no longer just the remit of a handful of enthusiastic geeks. It's the core engine making the entire marketing organization smarter, faster, and more cohesive.

It's evolved...

  • From experimentation with new apps, to managing an entire tech stack
  • From gaining agreement on data, to establishing a centralized approach to reporting and analytics
  • From serving one or two teams only, to uniting every department around a common understanding of the business's pipeline

In other words, marketing operations is all grown up

It's a recognized and respected discipline. And with its rapid maturation comes more responsibility. It's no longer just about a small team experimenting in its own little corner: The decisions made in Marketing Ops have an impact on sales teams, field marketers, customer service providers—people all the way up to the C-suite.

The discipline is aiming for bigger goals, and hitting them. And, as a result, it's getting bigger budgets.

This has to be good news—and not just for those in Marketing Operations, either. If you've got a successful marketing operations team, it means you've got an efficient approach to turning all your data into marketing insight—insight that can help your business implement effective strategies based on multi-source, rock-solid data.

These three steps will help you make better, data-centric decisions

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Dan Purvis is director at digital marketing agency Comms Axis. Ranked by Brand Republic as one of the Top 50 UK Marketing and Social Media Influencers, Dan helps bring content, marketing, and sales together to deliver tangible business value.

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