Maintaining a loyal base of social media followers is key to your online authority, and it also helps bring in steady traffic to your website.

Moreover, when your audiences are happy with you, they'll be more likely to speak kindly of you with their own networks. That word-of-mouth system will help your business gain traction.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to ruin the relationships you have with your social media followers. To prevent that sort of breakdown, use the three strategies discussed in this article.

1. Research your audience's needs and interests

You're trying to attract and retain a social media audience, so your first step is to get to know them. Start with your current following, if you have one, and establish a baseline for who they are and thus whom to target in the future.

When researching your audience, it'll help if you get to know them by common themes. Find the themes underpinning your audience's needs and interests. Knowing that will help you create relevant, personalized experiences on social media, similar to how you might in emails.

How do you do this research and find those themes? The simple answer: check the available analytics.

Platform Analytics

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