Marketers are in the throes of making the final act of the holiday shopping season a fruitful one. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are understandably a prime focus for holiday marketing campaigns. But the holiday spirit—and the holiday shopper—enjoys jolly, spendy moods well beyond Thanksgiving weekend and into the New Year.

The home stretch of the holiday season is a unique opportunity to retool digital strategies that carry you into January.

Data from the first half of holiday marketing campaigns, paired with the crunch time leading to Christmas, can and should re-energize the way retailers and marketers connect with consumers even after the wrapping paper is tossed out and leftovers are gone.

Here are five key considerations for this unique (and hectic) time.

1. Consult data from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and previous holiday seasons

After the final push of holiday shopping, marketers are lucky to be able to refer to two data sets. First, there is your brand's data from the previous year. Second, data from this season's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and December sales are an invaluable resource.

To plan for 2018, parse those stats for lessons on what is resonating with your audience. Link-level reporting, social media demographics, and your brand's best performing pages all point toward your consumers' needs. Now, plan to give them more of it.

2. Deepen your marketing strategy with online influencers

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Hanna Fritzinger is head of marketing at VigLink, which works with merchants and publishers to drive content-driven e-commerce.

LinkedIn: Hanna Fritzinger