In an industry increasingly dominated by technology, being technologically savvy is no longer a bonus; it's a basic requirement for marketers of every persuasion.

When we formed the Marketing Technology Industry Council in early 2017, we brought together some of the best and brightest in the field of B2B marketing and martech with one goal: to help marketers excel by navigating them through the key challenges and opportunities of martech today.

The findings of the Council's first survey of nearly 300 senior-level marketing executives were illuminating, finding that B2B marketers were struggling to cope with the unprecedented growth of the martech landscape (5,381 solutions at MarTech Conference Chairman Scott Brinker's last count!).

Chronic problems, such as a lack of integration—and even using too many technologies to effectively manage—are resulting in poor ROI for companies of all sizes and industries.

This martech crisis isn't going to sort itself out. Most surveyed marketers said they would continue to invest in marketing technologies, believing—quite rightly—that despite the challenges, the cost of falling behind the technology curve is too high. But that also means those challenges will increase exponentially as companies' martech stacks grow.

To confront that issue, the Marketing Technology Industry Council has released three recommendations for building and managing a marketing stack. By following those recommendations, marketing organizations can move from struggling with martech to finally using it to excel at their jobs.

This article summarizes those recommendations, and suggests how to implement them in your business (you can read the full list of recommendations here (registration req'd), including a more detailed guide to practical implementation).

1. Align Sales and Marketing along a single source of truth for data, and a common road map and definition of their strategic priorities

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image of Doug Bewsher

Doug Bewsher is CEO at Leadspace, the first B2B audience management platform. A seasoned marketer, Doug has previously held positions as CMO at Salesforce and Skype.

LinkedIn: Doug Bewsher

Twitter: @dougino