Who doesn't love a good story? They are ingrained into the essence of who we are as humans. Some 300,000 years ago our earliest ancestors had to share stories to survive: Food, shelter, predators... without the story, how could they have ever learned about any of them?

Then why is it so hard to get buy-in for content marketing?

If your client, CMO, or manager views content not so much as king but as bastard prince, it's time to go to battle, breach some preconceived barrier walls, and prove content's prowess.

These eight tactical measures, inspired by the Trojan Horse of Greek mythology, will help you do all that—and help content reign.

1. Know the strength of your army

Before you can deploy content, you need an able team and you need to train it well. Send sales off on a quest with the wrong weaponry, and you're sure to lose. But convince your own sales team about the benefits of content marketing, and they'll be better equipped to conquer.

If your company has always leaned on traditional or paid digital media, you'll need to educate and adapt—or die. Content is king. All other marketing techniques bow before him.

2. Have a strategy

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image of Linda Emma

Linda Emma is head of digital content at ESM Digital, a private marketing consultant, and an educator at Endicott College.

LinkedIn: Linda Emma