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Business owners, marketers, and salespeople are continually on the lookout for more effective and efficient ways to market their business to gain exposure, signups, or sales. They are always looking for ways to improve response and get a higher return on your marketing investments.

And, in recent years, that has meant trying SMS marketing; after all, consumers are never far from their mobile devices. As Jake Jeffries, head of design and marketing at Text Marketer, put it, "The portable phone has changed the way we communicate. The smartphone has changed the way we live."

Consumers' modern-day love affair with their mobile phones has led businesses to find ways to work with and communicate with their customers via their mobile phones. And, it turns out, 75% of people would like to receive offers via SMS, as reported by Digital Marketing Magazine.

By giving customers what they want—to communicate via their mobile phone—businesses are succeeding with SMS marketing. Some of the response rates, and other stats and figures are staggering: 98% of all text messages are read, with response rates as high as 45%, according to Gartner.

And because of the personal nature of a mobile phone, and because it is never far from consumers' hands, those huge responses are almost instant. Unlike emails, direct marketing, social media, or other marketing channels, SMS marketing tends to be instant: 90% of text messages get read within three minutes of delivery (ImpigeMobileStrategy.com, 2011).

However, despite all the potential that SMS marketing holds, you must be careful not misuse it or make mistakes that annoy your customers. There is a right way, which will build loyalty and generate sales; and there is a wrong way, which will undermine customer relationships—and your bottom line.

Here are three top considerations when implementing SMS campaigns.

1. Make it personal

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image of James Scott

James Scott is a digital marketer at SMS marketing provider Text Marketer, which works with brands to implement and manage SMS campaigns.

LinkedIn: James Scott

Twitter: @jambo_scott