Many marketers double-down on two or three channels that they know will yield a positive ROI. But ignore other channels, and you risk missing wider audiences.

Your customer is everywhere—and often all at once.

But the multichannel marketing landscape is getting harder to manage. No wonder, according to Adobe, that only 14% of organizations are running coordinated marketing campaigns across all channels.

In 2018, multichannel marketing will be more important than ever, so here are five tactics to include in your your multichannel marketing and customer experience strategy this year.

1. Targeted, Personalized Content

Personalization must be present across all touchpoints of the buying experience, including your content.

Imagine visiting a close friend and being offered a choice of coffee, cola, or wine. If you don't drink caffeine or alcohol, you'd think this friend doesn't know you at all.

When visiting Amazon, you don't see the same front page as everyone else. You see a page tailored to your needs. If Amazon serves you the products you're most interested in, you have a better experience and the company is more likely to make money.

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Ajit Singh is the digital marketing manager at WebEngage, the marketing Cloud for consumer businesses. Download its e-book, A Marketers Guide to Mobile Push Notifications.

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