Conversations about pricing can be uncomfortable, but they're a necessity for every marketer. Figuring out how to broach the topic tactfully—in a way that actually encourages prospects to become clients—gives you a tremendous advantage over competitors.

How do you pull it off?

By applying a few tried-and-true principles, you can navigate this key part of closing every sale.

Let's talk about how to do that.

Use price to persuade prospects to become clients

Cost is always on potential clients' minds. Even if you spend hours painstakingly preparing your marketing proposals, readers will often flip straight to the pricing section. Accepting that is the first step to conveying your price in a way that helps your chances of winning new business instead of hurts them.

Regardless of the project, apply the following six principles within your proposal pricing sections to help you land more clients.

1. Bundle your pricing

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Ruben Gamez is the founder of Docsketch, a sales document tool that has helped companies earn more than $2 billion in sales.

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