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Gone are the days of keyword-rich anchor text, quickly set-up private blog networks (PBNs), and 500-word articles. Google's algorithm becomes more sophisticated every day, and the competition in content marketing has never been fiercer.

Methods like guest posting are still a viable way to raise brand awareness, brand authority, and domain rating, but they can get you only so far. You can never reach the authority levels of top sites in any niche by relying only on outreach.

A recent study from SEMRush concludes that traffic and time spent on site have a significant impact on search result rankings, which complicates matters even more.

What should you focus on: Increasing traffic to your website? Getting more backlinks? Reducing your bounce rate?

Or... you could do all of that with the same piece of content.

How? It's easy (in theory)—by creating engaging content worth linking to.

Choose the right content

Not all topics are created equal.

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image of Senko Duras

Senko Duras is a co-founder of Point Visible, a content marketing agency.

LinkedIn: Senko Duras

Twitter: @senkoduras