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The Complete Guide to Reddit Marketing

by Aleh Barysevich  |  
September 13, 2018

Reddit, long considered practically irrelevant in social media marketing, might just be the most hyped social media platform among marketers these days.

What happened? How did Reddit suddenly become the hot new thing, despite being very far from new?

To answer that question and, of course, to make the most out of marketing on Reddit, we have to understand the basics.

What is Reddit, and how does it work?

Reddit describes itself as "the front page of the Internet," and it's pretty hard to argue with that definition. Reddit is the fourth most visited website in the US and the sixth in the world, according to Alexa. It had 330 million users as of April 2018.

Moreover, Alexa data suggests that people spend more time on Reddit per day than they spend on any other top social platform. That means Reddit has more active users than Twitter, and those users are more engaged. The demographics of Reddit are also unique. Nearly 58% of its user base is from the US, and the majority of those people are male, under 35, and college-educated, and their income is higher than average.

The site consists of over 45,000 subreddit communities where redditors post and discuss practically everything there is or has been in the universe. There are subreddits about politics, music, science, technology, and more, including shower thoughts, which was used by Glamour magazine as a part of an impressive marketing campaign.

All content on Reddit is user-generated: Registered users post, comment, and upvote and downvote existing posts. Upvoted posts go higher up on the board; downvoted posts go down.

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Aleh Barysevich is a co-founder and the CMO of, which makes SEO PowerSuite (website promotion toolkit) and BuzzBundle (social media software) for bloggers, webmasters, and online marketers.

LinkedIn: Aleh Barysevich

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  • by Chris W. Fri Sep 14, 2018 via web

    Solid advice Aleh. You really can find communities for every topic out there on Reddit. (And plenty you never knew existed!)

    One tiny thing to add: I recommend getting Reddit Gold. It's a paid membership, and an incredibly cheap one ($30/year). This gives you two big advantages as a business:
    a. You're demonstrating commitment to the Reddit community. Good vibes.
    b. You can create a private subreddit for followers/customers. Extremely useful for communications!

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