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For marketing professionals, praising the virtues of video content comes almost as second nature. The multimedia format has woven its way into our professional lives in a game-changing way.

Research estimates that video distributed through social media receives over 1,200% more shares than that of text and images... combined. And a report by Aberdeen shows that companies using video in their marketing campaigns grow revenue at rates nearly 50% faster than those that opt for other methods.

The vast adaptability of video content is the primary reason we marketers—in departments of all shapes and sizes—have jumped on board with the medium. It's effective and remarkably affordably to produce. But as we immerse ourselves in larger and larger libraries of content, we're increasingly pushed to search for new ways to manage it all.

One user-friendly solution is employing a video content management system, or VCMS. The systems excel at managing content from creation all the way through the point of distribution, supplying the ability to import, edit, search within, export, interact with, and analyze all in one centralized program.

Just as we in Marketing have found myriad uses for video content and a useful system to manage the entire process, other departments can benefit from the video medium as well. In fact, investing in video is much more cost effective when the benefits are shared across other departments.

Video administered through a VCMS is a powerful tool for use during the hiring process, when you want to bring newly hired employees up to speed and when you are remotely coaching legacy team members. It's a multifaceted, versatile system.

Here are five ways that a VCMS can assist your company beyond marketing.

1. Training New Hires With Ease

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Sean Gordon is the founder and CEO of HIRENAMI, which turns employee recruiting from painful, inefficient, and time-consuming to quick and effective—for employees and employers alike.

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