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A man who used to be an editor for Upworthy followed me on Twitter. In his bio it said, "I can't make that thing your boss cares about go viral."

Neither can I, but Captain America probably can.

The former Upworthy editor was one of a few thousand new followers I attained thanks to actor Chris Evans.

I make money via freelance writing for various publications, ads on my blog, selling books, and public speaking. For the past decade I've endeavored to make my work be an Internet hit, and achieved success numerous times. I've learned there are numerous ways to trigger an Internet explosion. I've also learned it doesn't often sell much product. But that doesn't mean it's useless. It means one must understand what is gained by suddenly having your work reach millions of people via an explosion of interconnected electrons.

Back to Cap for a moment.

You want a guaranteed method of going viral? Have an A-list celebrity with a massive following retweet you. Even then, it's got to be the right message and the right time.

Such was the case with me.

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James S. Fell is the author The Holy Sh!t Moment: How Lasting Change Can Happen in an Instant (St. Martin's Press, 2019). His blog, BodyForWife.com, has millions of readers. He has bylines in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, TIME Magazine, and many other publications.

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