You put a lot of effort and time into creating the perfect email content for your subscribers. But no matter what you write, or how well, people may not even see your email if the subject line doesn't get them to click on your email.

In a world full of distractions, it's hard to get and hold the attention of your email subscribers. That's why I've outlined 10 subject line formulas proven to get subscribers to open emails.

1. The Social Proof Subject Line

Social proof is a powerful driver of human behavior and affects many of the decisions we make. For example, people generally won't buy a product from a site until it has reviews and ratings.

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool because it shapes consumer perception and brand reputation. Also, it shapes how we think about a certain business, product, or services.

There are various ways to leverage social proof to make your subject lines more compelling. For example:

  • The advertising formula Mark Cuban used to make his fortune
  • How Airbnb become a $30 billion company
  • Why 2,632 of our clients would recommend our business coaching services to a friend

2. The Data Subject Line

Another powerful email formula is to include data, numbers, or statistics in your subject line.

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Brahim Belabbes is a B2B writer for hire. He creates data-driven long-form content for SaaS companies and digital marketing brands.

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