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Along with conducting keyword research and ensuring website optimization, strengthening your backlink profile through off-site SEO is a critical way to boost your organic search rankings and traffic.

Just as you'd take a job candidate more seriously if a trusted coworker vouched for the applicant, Google views links from relevant, high-authority sites as "vouches" for the authoritativeness of a website. With that in mind, companies thirst after the acquisition of high-quality backlinks from trusted third-party websites. It's viewed as SEO gold.

The challenge is that it's hard. Really hard.

What's a marketer to do?

To successfully generate high-quality, organic links to your site through off-site SEO, execute the following three highly effective stratagems. By doubling down on these, you're often able to increase organic traffic to your site three-fold or more.

1. Write what you know

Authoring articles related to your industry is one of the most effective link-building strategies available to a brand. It not only accomplishes your practical goal of securing backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites but also boosts brand recognition by helping you become a thought leader in your industry.

First, select the person or people who will be the public thought leaders for the company. Selecting specific people will allow readers to get familiar with the same people, learning to trust their work and style and associating those trusted voices with your brand.

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Jordan Arnold is director of outreach at Terakeet, an enterprise SEO company for Fortune 1000 and disruptor brands.

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