Most women use Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they are doing, but few have tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or over-share, according to a survey from Eversave that also explores group-buying preferences among women.

Despite such occasional annoyances, women appreciate Facebook for allowing them to view friends' photos and videos (91%), find long-lost friends (76%), and learn about promotions and deals from their favorite brands (75%).

Below, other findings from Eversave's online survey of 450 women who use Facebook.

Most women say they post status updates on Facebook to stay in touch with people and share interesting content:

  • 77.6% post updates to keep friends informed.
  • 64.0% share interesting or funny links and videos.
  • 44.5% promote social causes.
  • 24.3% post updates to brag about something.

Such women are active on Facebook: 83% say they check the site 2-10 times daily and another 15% check Facebook once a day.

Meanwhile, most female Facebook users have well over 100 friends: 35% say they have 101-250 friends and 30% have 250-500; roughly 12% have more than 500 friends.

Finding Deals

Timing is important with group-buying and many women use Facebook to keep up with new offers: 85.7% say they "like" various deal-a-day brands on Facebook to learn about deals, and 45% learn about deals via friends' posts.

Only 12% of women learn about deal-a-day offers via Facebook ads.

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Annoying Friends

Most (84%) women say they have been annoyed at one point or another by their Facebook friends and cite the following as the most bothersome behaviors:

  • Complaining all the time: 63%
  • Sharing unsolicited political views: 41%
  • Bragging about seemingly perfect lives: 32%

Online Personalities

Asked to identify the types of friends they have on Facebook, women cite the following top 5:

  • Documentarians (update their status with every move): 65%
  • Drama Queens (everything's a crisis with this friend): 61%
  • Proud Mamas (think Junior's every move is newsworthy): 57%
  • Incessant Likers ( "like" every post): 46%
  • Slactivists (hyper activists): 40%

About the data: Findings are from an online survey (distributed via Facebook and Twitter) of 450 female Facebook users, conducted by Eversave, March 7-12, 2011. Some 49% of respondents were age 25-35, 29% were age 36-45, and 14% were age 46+. 

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Women and Facebook: Brands, Deals, and Friends They Hate

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