Nearly one-half (49%) of mobile searchers—people who use the mobile Web at least weekly—say they have made at least one purchase via mobile device in the previous six months, according to a study by Performics and ROI Research.

The most popular purchases via mobile are in the entertainment category (32%), followed by apparel goods (31%), electronics (25%), travel (22%), and consumer packaged goods (CPG) (20%). 

Still, a bigger percentage of surveyed mobile searchers use their device to find information about such purchases: 76% say they have searched the mobile Web in the previous six months to find information on entertainment, 68% for have done so for electronics, 61% for apparel, and 57% for CPG.

Below, other findings from The 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study, based on a survey of 502 people who use mobile phones to search the Web at least once a week.

Mobile Search Pervasive Throughout Day

More than one-half (57%) of surveyed mobile searchers use the mobile Web more than once a day, with more than three-quarters (77%) using mobile search more than five times in the previous month.

Mobile searchers embrace mobile search in many areas of their lives, but interestingly, the most popular use of mobile search is at home in the evening (81%) and over the weekend (80%).  Still, three-quarters (75%) of mobile searchers use mobile search occasionally or frequently while out running errands.

Some 59% of mobile searchers use mobile search before heading to work and 61% use is while work.

Dual-screen multi-tasking is popular: Mobile searchers report at least occasional use of mobile search while watching TV (66%) or using the computer (45%).

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Finding Store, Buying Information

Mobile searchers interact with brands occasionally or frequently to find a wide variety of buying-related information:

  • 84% search for local retailer information (phone, address, hours) and 82% find online retailers.
  • 73% find a specific manufacturer or product website.
  • 71% learn about a product or service after seeing an advertisement.
  • 68% find the best price for a product or service.

More than one-half of mobile searchers (56%) say they use mobile search to find coupons or special deals.

Satisfaction High

Mobile has changed the way mobile searchers gather information, while overall satisfaction with mobile search is strong:

  • 75% say mobile search makes their lives easier.
  • 63% say access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information.
  • 32% say they use mobile search more than search via computer.

About the data: Findings from the 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study are based on a survey of 502 mobile Web users who conduct online search via mobile device at least weekly and have used mobile search one or more times in the previous month. Conducted by ROI Research and Performics, the survey was in field Feb 16-22, 2011.

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