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When searching for local business information, consumers consult between two and three (2.2) media sources on average with Yellow Pages (Internet and print) and search engines among the most popular, surpassing other media sources such as store circulars, promotional emails, and social networks, according to a study by the Local Search Association.

Among surveyed consumers who had searched for information on buying products and services locally within the past year and previous month:

  • 76% used a search engine in 2010 and 67% did so in the previous month.
  • 78% consulted a print directory (Yellow pages and white pages) in 2010, and 55% did so in the previous month.
  • 68% referred to a store circular, promotional email, or coupon in 2010, and 47% did so in the previous month.
  • 57% consulted Internet Yellow Pages in 2010, and 36% did so in the previous month.
  • 32% used a social networking site in 2010, and 23% did so in the previous month.


Below, additional findings from the Local Search Association's 2010 Local Media Tracking Study.

Yellow Pages (print and Internet) products are still a trusted source of information (51%), outpacing print directories (45%), search engines (41%), and social networks (1%). 

Yellow Pages products are also perceived as the most accurate (53%), outpacing search engines (39%) and social networks (2%).

Even so, search is the first destination for 42% of consumers when finding local business information, compared with 49% of consumers who cite Yellow Pages as their go-to informational source.

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Other findings:

  • 80% of Yellow Pages searches result in a purchase or purchase intent.
  • Print and Internet Yellow Pages received 16.6 billion lookups in 2010.

"Local media trends give small businesses a good sense of where they should invest their limited advertising budgets," said Neg Norton, president, Local Search Association. "We recommend an integrated approach that incorporates print and Internet solutions to reach local consumers."

About the data: Results of the Local Media Tracking Study are based on more than 8,000 individual online and telephone interviews in a 12-month period, conducted by Burke on behalf of the Local Search Association, formerly the Yellow Pages Association.

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