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Ranked by videos viewed, gaming-focused entertainment network Machinima was the most popular YouTube video partner among male audiences in July 2011 delivering an average of 18.5 videos per male viewer during the month, according to data from comScore Video Metrix. VEVO led the way among female audiences with an average of 15 videos viewed per female viewer in July.

Below, other findings from comScore's newly launched YouTube Partner Reporting.

Among male audiences, VEVO ranked second with 13.3 videos viewed per male viewer in July, followed by production house Maker Studios (10.0) and comedy channel Smosh (7.8).

Among female viewers, Smosh ranked second with 11.0 videos viewed in July, followed by Machinima (10.3) and ShaneDawsonTV (7.2).

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YouTube Partners by Unique Viewers

VEVO, the most-watched YouTube partner, reached 59.7 million unique viewers in July for an average of 65.8 minutes per viewer, followed by second-place Warner Music with 31.3 million viewers (28.5 minutes per viewer), according to comScore. Ranked third, Machinima reached 16.9 million viewers, but registered the highest engagement at 72.7 minutes per viewer:

Maker Studios drew 11.4 million unique viewers in July, for an average of 38.1 minutes per viewer, while Demand Media attracted 15.2 million viewers at 12.2 minutes per viewer.
Among other key findings:

  • Channels with particularly niche audiences included Maker Studios with 50% of viewers between age 12-24, and IGN with 70% of its audience male.
  • Men account for 83% of the time spent viewing Revision3's shows, whereas women account for over 66% of the time spent viewing Alloy's YouTube videos.
  • Howcast was also notable: 75% of its viewing audience had children in their households.

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