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Nearly three in four mobile users (74.0%) say they fully pay attention to mobile ads while browsing the Web, either on a regular (35.3%) or occasional (38.7%) basis, according to a recent survey from Prosper Mobile Insights.

In addition, 59.5% surveyed smartphone and tablet users say they regularly (26.9%) or occasionally (32.6%) pay full attention to ads they see while visiting social media sites on their devices.

Fewer mobile users fully pay attention while downloading apps or music, shopping, and playing games.

Below, other findings from the Prosper Mobile Insights survey. 

Men pay more attention to ads, and are more likely to be influenced by ads 

Men are more likely than women to regularly pay attention to mobile ads, particularly when surfing the Web (38.2% of men vs. 32.8% of women), watching video clips (17.8% vs. 12.6%) and, surprisingly, shopping (21.7% vs. 16.1%).

Moreover, 51.0% of men say ads viewed via smartphone or tablet regularly or occasionally influence the products and brands they purchase, compared with 43.7% of women who say the same.

Most mobile users would not pay to remove ads on apps or social sites

Though more likely to pay attention to ads, a slightly greater number of men say they have paid for an ad-free version of a mobile app: 29.3% of male mobile users have done so, compared with 26.4% of women.

However, 46.2% of all mobile users say they are not at all or not very willing to pay to remove ads served via their favorite social networking sites (e.g., Facebook).

Women (51.0%) were more likely than men (40.1%) to be not at all or not very willing to pay for ad-free social media sites.

About the data: Findings are based on a survey of 331 smartphone and tablet users, conducted May 21-25, 2012 via tablets and smartphones by Prosper Mobile Insights.

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