Google is the most popular Web destination among users of mobile devices, according to new data from Hitwise Mobile: Google attracted 17.27% of total Web traffic via mobile device for the week ended February 23, 2013.

YouTube received the second largest share of mobile visits for the week with 4.55%, followed by Facebook with 2.65%.

Gmail and Wikipedia rounded out the top five, attracting 1.54% and 1.17%, respectively, of total Web traffic via mobile device. 

The study, which showcases Experian Marketing Services’ new mobile data offering, Hitwise Mobile, is based on a sample from 3G/4G and Wi-Fi sources, including smartphones and tablets.  

Below, additional findings from Experian Marketing Services.

Experian also tracked Web traffic via mobile across various categories:

  • ESPN was the top visited website in the Sports category.
  • Google News was the top visited News and Media website.
  • AutoTrader was the top visited website in the Automotive category.
  • Amazon was the top visited Shopping website.

Time Spent on Visits via Mobile

Gmail accounted for the longest time spent among the top five mobile websites, 6 minutes and 42 seconds (06:42), on average. YouTube visitors had the second longest average time spent on sites via mobile (05:51), followed by Google (04:10), Wikipedia (02:55), and Facebook (02:45).

Traffic via Desktop vs. Mobile Comparison

The study compared visits from desktop computers vs. those via mobile devices.

For example, in the Sports category, ESPN properties accounted for three of the top five most visited websites overall for the week ended Feb 23. ESPN and ESPN Scorecard were the top two visited sports sites, with Bleacher Report, ESPN NBA, and Yahoo Sports Blogs rounding out the top five sites:

In the Rewards and Directories, Groupon was the top visited mobile site as of Feb 23, whereas the site ranked No. 3 for visits via desktop computers. Similarly, Living Social ranked third for mobile visits, but was No. 5 for visits via desktops:

About the data: Rankings data include visits to Websites from mobile devices (including both smartphones and tablets) for the week ended February 23, 2013. Hitwise Mobile tracks metrics across more than 170 categories for more than 4 million mobile sites worldwide.

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