Roughly one-half (52%) of surveyed Millennials—those now age 18 to 34—are surpassing their generational peers in adopting new technologies, according to the forthcoming 2013 Digital Marketer Report from Experian Marketing Services.

Such Early Adopter Millennials strive to be the first to have the latest electronic equipment, are willing to pay almost anything for an electronic product, and want to be a source of information on electronics for others, according to Experian's report.

Moreover, Early Adopter Millennials spend far more time than their peers using mobile devices.

Below, additional findings from Experian Marketing Services.

Overall, Millennials are an important consumer segment:

  • 60% of Millennials own a home.
  • 34% are married.
  • 24% of have a college degree.
  • On average, Millennials have $11,317 of discretionary spend annually.

Meanwhile, Millennials are more likely than the US online population to visit search and social websites before visiting a retail website, but less likely to engage with email or visit rewards and directory sites before visiting a retail website.

Early Adopter Media Use

More than one-quarter (27%) Early Adopter Millennials say they have used a tablet in the previous seven days. That’s about 20% higher penetration than other Millennials:

Early Adopter Millennials are 32% more likely than other Millennials to IM (instant message) or chat online, 26% more likely to read media, 20% more likely to use email, 17% more likely to visit websites, and 16% more likely to visit social media sites or blogs:

Early Adopter Millennials spend more time than their generational peers using various technologies, such mobile tablets (17%) and mobile phones (14%):

"Brands and marketers are taking notice of Millennials and the fact that they communicate and behave differently than other generations," said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research for Experian Marketing Services.

"Marketers increasingly understand that they need innovative marketing programs in order to engage this important segment of the population."

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Early Adopter Millennials Leading in Mobile Device Adoption

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