The number of times Super Bowl ads are shared on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs has grown by 30x in the last three years, according to a recent report by Unruly Media.

Moreover, the number of online shares jumped 89% between 2012 to 2013. The average share rate (the ratio of viewers who also shared) of Super Bowl ads also nearly doubled in that time span—in 2012, it took 57 views to generate one share, in 2013, it took just 31 views.

The most shares (3.3 million) from Super Bowl 2013 were recorded on Super Bowl Monday (February 4)—twice as many as the next biggest day, February 5 (1.6 million shares) and 9x more than the number of shares recorded on Super Bowl Sunday itself—Unruly's analysis found.

The average length of the top 10 Super Bowl ads more than doubled (up 112%) between 2010 and 2013, from 42 seconds to 89 seconds.

The most shared Super Bowl ad of all time is VW’s 2011 spot "The Force" (5.2 million shares). Second is Budweiser's "9/11 Tribute" from 2002, which trends every September, and third is Budweiser's 2013 "Brotherhood" ad.

Three of the top 10 most shared Super Bowl ads of all time are movie trailers, and 60% were launched online before Super Bowl Sunday.

The top 10 most shared Super Bowl ads of all-time:

1. Volkswagen, 2011, "The Force" (5.24 million shares)


2. Budweiser, 2002, "9/11 Tribute" (3.34 million shares)


3. Budweiser, 2013, "Brotherhood" (2.73 million shares)


4. Ram Trucks, 2013, "Farmer" (1.89 million shares)


5. Universal, 2013, "Fast and Furious 6 Trailer" (1.51 million shares views)


6. Chevrolet, 2012, "OK Go—Needing/Getting" (1.25 million shares views)


7. Volkswagen, 2012, "The Bark Side" (901,401 shares)


8. Universal, 2011, "Fast Five Trailer" (888,686 shares)


9. Paramount, 2013, "Star Trek Into the Darkness Trailer" (707,457 shares)


10. M&Ms, 2012, "Sexy and I Know It" (545,601 shares)


For the 11th to 20th most shared Super Bowl ads, check out Unruly's full ranking.

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The 10 Most Shared Super Bowl Ads of All Time

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