Most US consumers (52%) say high performance is the quality they value most in website experience, according to a recent report from Limelight Networks.

The 1,115 consumers surveyed ranked website performance (streaming with no buffering, pages that load quickly, etc.) as the most important digital experience by a wide margin—far ahead of having fresh and updated content, delivering a consistent experience on mobile and desktop, and providing personalized content.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Website Speed

  • 59% of respondents say they will wait no more than five seconds for a webpage to load before becoming frustrated and leaving the site.
  • 37% say they will leave and buy a product from a competitor if a website is slow, and 26% say they might/are not sure.

Mobile Expectations

  • 50% of respondents say most of the time they use either a smartphone or a tablet to access websites; 85% use a mobile device at least some of the time to access websites.
  • 44% of respondents are willing to wait longer for a website to load on a mobile device; 40% expect websites to be equally fast to load on mobile and desktop.


  • 38% of respondents do not want websites to remember them from previous visits; 27% do want sites to remember them; 9% don't know; 27% don't care.

For more insights from the survey, check out the following interactive infographic:


About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of 1,115 consumers in the United States.

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