Activia’s World Cup-themed "La La La" video featuring Shakira was the most shared video ad of 2014, according to a recent report from Unruly.

The ad had nearly six million global shares on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs since its launch in May, making it not only the most shared ad of 2014 but also the most shared of all-time. Volkswagen's 2011 spot "The Force," which aired during that year's Super Bowl, had been the previous most-shared ad ever.

Other soccer ads were also among the most shared this year, including Nike's "The Last Game" (3rd) and "Winner Stays" (8th), and Castrol’s "Footkhana: Neymar Jr. v Ken Block" (11th).

Only one Super Bowl ad, Budweiser's "Puppy Love" (4th), and one Winter Olympics ad, P&G's "Pick Them Back Up" (19th), were among the 20 most shared ads of 2014.

The speed of sharing nearly doubled year over year in 2014, with 42% of shares occurring in the first three days following a campaign launch on average, up from 25% in 2013.

Below, the 10 most shared ads of 2014. You see the full top 20 list here.

1. Activia - La La La (5.8 million shares)


2. 20th Century Fox (Devil's Due) - Devil Baby Attack (2.1 million shares)


3. Nike - The Last Game (2.1 million shares)


4. Budweiser - Puppy Love (1.9 million shares)


5. Cardstore - World's Toughest Job (1.8 million shares)


6. Wren - First Kiss (1.5 million shares)


7. Always - #LikeAGirl (1.4 million shares)


8. Nike - Winner Stays (1.4 million shares)


9. Thai Life Insurance - Unsung Hero (1.2 million shares)


10. DTAC - The Power of Love (1.1 million shares) 

About the research: The Unruly Viral Video Chart is based on data from social shares globally on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

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